Black women are aware, along with others, of the oppression and harm that come from a negative media history. But Black women are also aware that their specific experience, as Black people, as women, in a rigid class/caste state, has never been adequately dealt with in mainstream media.

-Jacqueline Bobo

The notion that Black women have never been adequately dealt with in mainstream media reverberates through my being. When I came to graduate school and began learning how to critically examine mediated life vs. real life, I was floored. Media have great influence on our lives – beliefs, values, personalities, identities, actions – and I grew up in a world where representations of women like me were warped, exaggerated, or just plain missing. This is why I’m such an enthusiast about what Black women are doing with and through technology and social media… If the mainstream media can’t deal with us adequately, by all means, let us do it for ourselves. Let us blog, tweet, Instagram, and YouTube our truths, and share them with each other.




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